Man vs Ageing

“New Year’s Resolutions” by Darren Smeath

Well, Christmas is over; summer is half way through and everybody’s kicked off those nasty New Year’s resolutions.  Whether it’s losing a bit of weight; attempting to stop smoking or just reducing the alcohol to weekends – I want to wish everyone “The Best of Luck”!!

The one thing we never see on any New Year’s resolution list is something that I think is the most important – looking great for your age!  Now who the hell ever writes in their resolutions, “Damn I want to look better next year?”  Especially us men!  Wouldn’t want the wife getting hold of that piece of paper.

In reality, a lot of the things we are resolving to do, are based around looking better this year, and that includes our facial features.  Reducing your alcohol content and stopping smoking will all add to a better complexion through less broken capillaries, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and overall skin texture.

Most of us want to get a little bit (or a lot) fitter in 2014 and that will of course increase our cardiovascular system, blood flow and confidence.  Now if we combined all of these things, as well as having a plan to take advantage of the other benefits derived from your New Year’s resolutions, then you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Looking good for your age doesn’t consist of getting Botox or dermal fillers straight away, because at the end of the day, you can have no lines or wrinkles, but you’re still going to have bad skin.  So, my number one step for looking great in 2014 is looking after your skin.

  • Consult your local skin clinic or medispa and get professional advice about your skin type, its needs, and what product will benefit you to achieve a better complexion.
  • Get your consultant to devise a step wise approach to treatment planning.

Guys, this is not a one stop shop for the year, you are going to have to commit to coming in to your local clinic between 6 and 8 times over the next 12 months.  At the end of the day, they’ll help, but they’re not magicians!

  • Your consultant will recommend a really good SPF sunblock.  There are some great ones on the market which are SPF 50 and still under $100.  This should last you about 3 months.  This single product alone is like your insurance – whatever you spend on yourself and your skincare over the next 12 months will be worth nothing if you don’t use a sunblock every day.
  • Don’t be surprised if your consultant recommends treatments such as microdermabrasion and low grade medical peels.  These types of non-invasive skin treatments get results!  We’re not talking your fluffy facials here, these treatments are the ducks-nuts and you will leave feeling bloody good!
  • You will be recommended a couple of products for the morning and a couple of products for night.  It’s really simple to follow, keeping your cleansers and scrubs in the shower and just applying the serums in the morning and before bed.

Such simple steps and advice can get your skin looking and feeling great within 8 weeks.  In my clinics, I get all types of men, from tradies, accountants, and footy players to stay-at-home dads.  All of them start on a basic skin care regime and get skin treatments on a regular basis.  Bang for their buck, this is getting them the best results fast!

Once your skin is looking good and you are ensuring your investment with a good SPF sunblock, then you can consider some of the more elaborate anti ageing treatments we have available.

My next suggestion would be Botox… a bit of boyTox hurt no one!!!

This is Man vs Ageing keeping Qld men handsome!