Professional laser hair removal treatments

Thanks to Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle Studio & Skin Studio, achieving long-lasting smooth skin is easy, quick, and safe (plus, our great prices are as hard to resist as your skin will be!).

When you’re looking for laser hair removal, you want to be sure that the treatment you choose is going to be fast and effective, without harming your body… or your wallet. That’s why we exclusively use a Candela GentleLASE system – they check all those boxes and then some.

Candela is widely recognised as an industry leader in the field of laser hair removal. Their products are consistently successful worldwide, and we can see why – the results speak for themselves every time we use the GentleLASE with our clients.

As one of Candela’s most advanced systems, the GentleLASE enables us to provide hair removal that is quick, extremely safe, and very effective, with almost no discomfort involved. Also, because these systems are so efficient, we can provide this type of hair removal at wonderfully affordable prices for you no matter where you live in Brisbane (we cover all suburbs).

Please be aware that we do not use IPL; we only use Candela GentleLASE. This is because we have found that the GentleLASE produces superior and more long-term results than IPL. As our top priority is always helping you enjoy the benefits of healthy and beautiful skin, it just makes sense for us to use only the best method available.

So if unwanted hair is a problem for you, rest assured that Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle Studio’s laser hair removal is the answer. Our friendly staff and beauticians are ready to assist you today. Please contact us on 1300 100 470 for more information or to make an appointment.

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